Anyone thinking of starting, or currently involved in model jet aviation, can see just how easy it is to build, operate and fly a top performing and great flying jet. Have a look at the latest version of the well known Baby Boomerang. It's called the Baby Boomerang in the UK or Intro in the USA and has now developed into a really practical and fast to assemble ARF kit for the new generation of small 12 to 15 lb. thrust turbines.

From the box to the completed airframe in about 6 to 8 hours of work. The radio and turbine installation is simple too. As for advanced R/C jet pilots, you don't know what an aerobatic jet is capable of until you've flown a Boomerang Jet.

We have recently discovered the fine turbines from Digitech. They make a range of fast spool up turbines to suit the Boomerang kits. The XL seen in our videos is using a Digitech Trudo 130. Just email and find out how you can take advantage of the special opening offer of a turbine and Intro kit packages.

The new stock of XL kits will be arriving in both the USA and UK in late July 2006. The first run of kits sold out in no time, and have caused quite a stir in the R/C jet world. We now have plenty of stock and plan to continue doing so!

After listening to feedback from our customers, some modest modifications and improvements to the kit have been made. this has caused some delay in production of the new XL kits. All Boomerang products are subject to constant review and development during their lifetime.

No special knowledge, simple to build and above all easy to fly. This has been a primary objective of all our designs.

If you are new to the exciting world of jet modelling and flying, then start with a Boomerang ARF kit and see just how easy it is to join the jet modellers world. If you are an experienced jet jockey, bored with the same old high speed routine, fly a Boomerang design and revive your enjoyment with stress free aerobatics. Pure pleasure.

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