After some months (or even years!) of listening to feedback from our customers and a ton of flight testing, we've come up with a new design, based on the tried and tested Intro, but with some changes and improvements.

The result is now the new BOOMERANG SPRINT ARF kit,

We believe this is The best flying ARF Trainer you can buy!

As always like it's forebear the Baby Boomerang ( Intro), it will fly very well with the Jetcat P60 but now the P80 size turbines will drop straight into it without modification. In some ways it can be regarded as a cross between the Intro and the Elan.

A choice of four New and exciting colour schemes add a sparkle to the model.

Sprint is a wood ARF kit with just a few fibreglass parts added.. The shapes have been refined a little to give a better looking jet.

For example the booms are now rounded off top and bottom, the rear of the fuselage tapers to give better appearance, the air intakes are more in keeping with a turbine powered plane etc, etc.

New tailplane (Stab) shape with large elevator surface requiring small movement to be super effective.

The rail mounted nose leg retracts rearward, allowing for easy fitting of the trailing arm nose struts which have become so popular.

The air intakes are now much larger to feed the breathing suction needs of the 80 size turbines.

The fuselage now accepts our 3.7 litre (125oz) fuel tank for longer flight times. There is more than enough room for smoke system etc.

Elan type wing fixing, simple and direct locking on to alloy rods.

Not only is the top speed when pushed, higher than that of the Intro, but the flying characteristics are, if anything, even better.

Extra side areas on the fuselage and booms makes knife edge flight better than ever.

Slow flight is remarkable, as you would expect of our designs.

The slightly larger wing and flap area aids the usual ultra slow landing speed, typical of Boomerang trainers.

The weight stays within eight ounces of the original Intro, thus keeping the amazing & easy aerobatic capability.

As everyone knows, the production, shipping, delivery and every other possible cost has increased greatly, not just here but massively in the Far East, where the kits are made. However, we are holding the price down to $899.00, which is very close to the regular price of the Intro set almost four years ago, which makes it a real bargain.                                                                                           

The Hanson SuperTrap

will ensure you get bubble free fuel to your turbine.


UAT Tank

Only $65 USD when bought with the kit.


73"assembled. Breaks down easily to fit in a small car.
14.5 lbs. Dry. From 17 to 22lbs take off weight.
12lb ~ 22 lbs thrust
Landing gear
Almost any good make of Retracts
6-9 Depending on System

ONLY $899.00








For USA sales enquiries, phone 214 502 3598