New Torus

These wing tip tanks are supplied in the Torus kit, as well as regular wing tips.


Click here to see Mike Saleeby and hisTorus flying at Florida Jets 2011.

Ali with the Navy version of the Torus, this time with the regular wingtips fitted.

Torus is a little smaller span (especially with small wingtips on and no tiptanks) than the XL but has almost the same total wing area, so it retains the huge lift ability. Wider chord gives it higher Reynolds numbers which helps too.

But the thicker internal wing design is all new and can stand the weight and thrust of the bigger turbines. The wings are built up construction but painted finish.   If you look at the links you'll see the first really tough testing when Ali said "OK, can I push it to breaking point?" and I gave him the OK to try and break it and you can see the way he pushed high G both positive and negative with no holding back on the throttle.  The model stayed together and Ali got all excited. That afternoon cost me 5 or 6 gallons of fuel as he enjoyed it so much! I couldn't get him off the sticks.

 My prototypes all weigh in at close to 30 lbs dry. They all have 34 to 38 lb. turbines including a P160SX, Simjet 130, Wren 200XL and a Behotec 130. All push it along very nicely!

Ali and I will be taking flight  videos for the website soon, UK weather permitting!

The Torus is supplied with dummy wing tip tanks, and a Sullivan 4-40 pushrods, horns and Gold-N-Clevis pack .


 At 83" span or (90" span with the great looking wing tip tanks fitted), and 87" long overall, this is an impressive model jet, with great presence in the sky.


 Torus must be the ultimate Boomerang and I'm very proud of it. It is a truly aerobatic jet which is not only sleek and good looking with a choice of three great colour schemes, but has a performance that has to be seen to be believed.

 It is suitable for turbines such as  JetCat P120 or P160 (and yet will fly well on a P80). Torus has the familiar Boomerang low speed ability and sweet handling that you've come to expect, but also has a high speed performance that is on the edge of scary. (  Click here for a short clip taken during testing  ).

Apologies for the wind noise across the mike on these short video clips taken on my tiny Canon stills camera on a breezy day!

Easy access to all control systems is achieved as in all Boomerang Jets by a full length hatch top of the fuselage. Build time is very short as the entire fuselage and centre section comes in one beautiful composite moulding, as do the booms. Part of the stunning performance comes from the remarkably light but incredibly strong wing structure, tested to stand up to the high"G" loads during hard manoeuvres.

To see Ali putting Torus through some scary tough test flying, just  Click here;- 

Landing gear can use the same set as used in the XL and Elan. We can supply custom retracts from several sources including Dreamworks and various other options.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Torus is a truly great flying jet!

Here are links to a couple of VIDEOS of Torus flying. First is of Ali at Jetpower 2010. The lower link is of our customer Mike Saleeby having some fun with his new TORUS. These videos are not professional productions, but give some idea of the abilities of this new design.

Just click one of the links below.

Torus flying at JetPower 2010 Video

Mike Saleeby flying his new TORUS and having fun Video!